Accutire MS-5515 Heavy Duty Digital Truck Gauge

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Accutire MS-5515 Heavy Duty Digital Truck Tire Gauge

Product Features

  • Bleed valve releases air while displaying pressure for accuracy
  • Heavy duty, flexible hose reaches those hard to get to places
  • Large, easy to read LCD screen
  • Bright LED flashlight for aid in the dark
  • Dual foot with extender helps reach inside the tire

Product Description

Accutire MS-5515 Heavy Duty Truck Digital Tire Pressure Gauge comes with a white LED light and button bleed is ideal for larger vehicles. The bright white LED flashlight is located on the handle to verify the pressure overnight. 5 to 150 pounds per square inch capacity of a 1/2 unit pounds. The digital tire gauge is suitable for use in tough environments, the hose is flexible and metal mesh for those hard to reach places. The LCD display is large and easy to read. The purge valve allows you to remove the tire air while reading updates as the pressure changes. The double height with extender allows it to reach the interior of the tire.

Most helpful favorable review

I have found this product, the Accutire ms-5515 truck and RV tire gauge to be exactly what is was designed for. It is extremely accurate, and allows you to overfill a tire, and bleed out the excess air while showing you in LED numbers, exactly how much air is in your tire, therefore getting every tire on your vehicle to the exact amount of air you wish to have. I have used this on both my cars, and my RV, and the difference between this piece of equipment, and a standard tire guage is immense.

Most helpful critical review

Just received delivery today. First thing I notice is the obnoxious odor of the rubber gauge protector. It stank up the whole living room and my hands. Hopefully it won’t be more than a few weeks before the odor weakens.

The one good thing is the gauge itself worked right away. Found out that the gauge I was using for the car was off by 8 lbs. It was one of those cheap next-to-the-cash-register dial gauges at Advance Auto Parts. No wonder my car tires rode rock hard.

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Accutire MS-5515 Product Manual

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