How to improve your Accutire MS 4000 Tire Gauge!

Accutire MS 4000 are inexpensive but as other people experience brought up, they suffer from an inadequate seal.

Older Analog Gauges have a good rubber seal on the inside that the Tire Pressure Gauge MS 4000 lacks.

As a matter of fact there’s no rubber at all.

Because you are compressing plastic (the gauge) against metal (the tire air stem), you must apply it perfectly flush or air will get away, causing a reading hard to get.

For me, this represents the only thing wrong with this great tire gauge.

I have looked everywhere and haven’t found a better digital gauge.

Accutire should have applied a effective rubber contact, only it’s because rubber breaks faster than plastic, they would not have to concern about as many warranty returns.


You need something like “rubber tape“.

You find it online or you might be able to find it at your local hardware or electronics store.

I can suggest “3M Scotch linerless rubber splicing tape”. It worked for me.

The thickness of the tape is important. I used .03 inch. (.761mm).

I would not go any thicker. Acquire something thinner whenever you are able to.

Do not make it any higher than the gauge’s white airhole center nipple.

All you need to do:

  • cut it to the diameter of the inside of the gauge’s mouth
  • cut out a small hole for the air hole
  • the inside hole should be more perfect than the outside

After doing this simple adjustment, my Tire Gauge represented approximately 4 times easier to use and gave perfect readings.

No more playing to get an air-tight check.

Once the rubber tape wears out, just replace with new rubber tape! Simple as that!

I extremely recommend changing the gauge before giving them away to someone you care.

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