I Can’t Get it Read the Michelin Tires on my CRV

One of our customers made a very helpful review on the

Accutire MS 4350B Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

and I believe that are more customers having this problem. So here is the review for you to read.


October 2, 2009
The gauge is a very accurate gauge but I had problems getting it to register pressure on some tires. I couldn’t get it to read on some of my car tires, no matter what. Some reviewers have indicated they must press really hard to get a reading. One or two have suggested adding an O-ring. This got me thinking. I noticed the valve stem on the tires it wouldn’t read were slightly shorter and narrower than the valve stems on the tires it would easily read. The black shaft on the gauge appears to function as a tire valve stem depressor which pushes in the stem thus releasing pressure to get a reading. Using a needle nose plier I pulled out the black shaft on the gauge. I also very slightly reduced the diameter of this shaft (it is hollow and rolled) to accommodate the slightly narrower stems on the Michelin tires. And wallah! Now the gauge easily reads all of my tires! Now that the shaft is moved out enough I can also release tire pressure to easily attain proper pressure if one over shoots.

The gauge is accurate and now, easy to use. I have not experienced any sealing issues either. At 12.99, this is an excellent purchase for maintaining proper tire pressure. Manufacturer’s specifications are the problem but any customer can modify this cheap gauge to make it work. It’s worth it!

I highly recommend it.

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