Accutire MS-4004B Backlit Gauge

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Accutire MS-4004B Tire Gauge

Buy Accutire MS-4004B

  • 5-99 PSI (in 1/2 lb units)
  • Extra large backlit LCD display
  • White LED flashlight
  • Metal housing with rubber front and rear for added protection
  • Storage pouch
  • Replaceable battery included

The Accutire MS-4004B Digital Tire Gauge have a great styling and durable aluminum construction. Includes a handy storage pouch. Accurately measures 5 to 99 PSI in 1/2 pound increments and is powered by a lithium battery, automatically shuts off when not in use. Also have a large backlit LCD display and LED flashlight tip and it comes with 5 year warranty.

Most helpful favorable review

Battery IS replaceable, Readings are very accurate. I bought this gauge about 4 years ago. I find the readings to be accurate (from low to high readings) I no longer have to have a 0-10 psi. gauge and another 0-100. The LED light button is a bit in the way when applying pressure to the schrader valve making the LED to illuminate. I find the reviews somewhat misleading because they claim that the battery is NOT replaceable. However, they are most assuredly accessible. After Removing the small phillips screw on the back, wiggle back and forth while pulling on end and the battery compartment will just pop off, revealing two stacked (CR 2032) lithium batteries. The battery housing has polarity stamped so you know how they orientate once replaced. I hope you find this review helpful and not mistakenly throw away a perfectly good digital gauge because of what some have stated as being “permanently installed”.

Most helpful critical review

Accurate, durable guage with a few flaws. Overall, this gauge is pretty nice. The aluminum housing is durable, and there aren’t any extra buttons or settings on the device so it is very easy to use. All you have to do is make sure you line up the gauge correctly; I have read other reviewers complaining about this, but for me this wasn’t an issue. I have checked the accuracy of the gauge against my other ones, and…


Buy Accutire MS-4004B

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