Accutire MS 4378 GB Remote Tire Pressure Monitor System


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Accutire MS 4378 GB Remote Tire Pressure Monitor System
Accutire MS 4378 GB Remote Tire Pressure Monitor System

Buy Accutire MS-4378GB

Product Features

  • Reads tire pressure of auto or trailer tires up to 40 feet distance from Receiver
  • Works on up to 4 auto or trailer tires
  • Signals low tire pressure in auto or trailer tires
  • Program the recommended tire pressure into Caps
  • Audible signal in Receiver when flat tire is detected
  • Back lighted LCD for better viewing
  • Tire breakdown not required – program the Caps and screw them onto valve stem of auto or trailer

Product Description

Accutire MS 4378 GB Remote Tire Pressure Monitor System helps you keep an eye on your vehicle tires so you do not lose air over a period of time. It is a fact: tires can lose 1 to 3 PSI per month. This is because molecules of air, under pressure, weave their way from the inside of the tire, through the rubber, to the outside. A drop in tire pressure could cause the tire to become overloaded, leading to excessive heat build-up. If a trailer tire is under-inflated, even for a short period of time, the tire could suffer internal damage. This system offers the right tool to keep tabs on the tire pressure of your auto, truck or trailer. The individual caps are programmable to read the tire pressure and alerts with an audible signal if a tire has a fast leak. The digital display is easy to read.

Customer Reviews

I’ve had one for a month now & I’m quite pleased with it. It’s true the sensors are not small: the size of a pecan I suppose, and they come with a half oz. counterweight to stick on the opposite side of the wheel (or just have the wheel rebalanced).

Put it on my 2007 Silverado with a camper (tire pressure is critical!) and I really like the continuous…

Accutire MS 4378 GB Product Manual

Buy Accutire MS-4378GB

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