Accutire MS 4445 B Tire Pressure Gauge

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Accutire MS 4445 B Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

Buy Accutire MS 4445 B

Product Features

  • Accutire MS 4445 B Talking Tire Gauge with announce of pressure measurement in English or Spanish
  • Stores factory recommended pressure settings for the front and rear tires
  • White LED flashlight
  • Easy to read big backlit LCD Display
  • Replaceable lithium battery

Product Description

Never worry about trying to see the read out on your Talking Tire Gauge again. The Accutire MS 4445 talking tire gauge announces the pressure reading in both English and Spanish. This tire gauge measures from 5 to 99 PSI in .5 lb. increments and allows you to store the factory recommended setting for both your front and rear tires, insuring that you maintain optimal tire pressure in both. It features an easy to read backlit LCD display, white LED flashlight and replaceable lithium battery. Includes a metal case for safe storage.

Customer Reviews

This gauge appears to work well and the ‘voice’ feature is handy as is the ‘programmable’ feature. However, I agree with prior reviewers’ comment that one needs ‘good aim’ to get a good seal. I’ve been checking tires for 50 years and still need precise positioning to keep air from escaping while trying to check it! I’m not sure why this is such a problem – Accutire needs to come up with a better nozzle design.

I bought the earlier version of this product back around 2004 and it had the same problem of not making the perfect seal. It finally broke while taking readings out in the rain. I ordered the MS-4445B along with the MS-4751WC to do a product comparison. The MS-4445B has improved in quality over the years and it now comes with a great hard cover case. It is sleek and slim as before. The pistol grip seems to feel better. The older version had a dim backlight and thus at night the LCD screen was harder to see. This one has a bright backlight so the talking feature is more of a novelty to impress your children, but still kind of cool. The case is a hard cover so it is great, but way too big. It doesn’t fit in the center console of a G35 Coupe nor the glove compartment if you have the manual in there so I had to put it in my side door compartment where it rattles after every bump. They should have made the case a lot smaller. The case that came with the MS-4751WC fits like a glove, which is pretty nice, although not a hard case. The MS-4751WC is for my wife’s Denali which fits the “bulky” profile. Both gauges did well as far as the readings were concerned, but I prefer this one because it is less bulky and the shape fits comfortably in my hand. I’ve heard that using tape solves the perfect seal issue for both gauges. I have not resorted to that method, luckily. Maybe it is because I was use to the less forgiving older model that I can take a perfect reading most of the time. If you press the gauge down perpendicular to the pin, you should not have a problem taking a reading. Any slight degree off 90 may bring on some frustration.

Buy Accutire MS 4445 B

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