How to Check Tire Pressure

Need visual know how of how to read a tire gauge calibration  measurements? Or maybe what do the numbers mean?

Pounds per square inch (PSI), its how much air pressure your putting in your tires, look at where your door opens where the date and origin of manufacture stickers are and it will tell you the recommendations for your tires,

Only use the type of pressure gauge that has the arrow on it, the ones that look like ballpoint pens arent accurate. If your tires take 33 psi for example, you will put air in your tires with an air compressor for a while, then check the pressure with the gauge if you have put in too much you can let out air by halfway inserting the gauge.

Can tire pressure increase without physical of air insertion?

Driving from Flagstaff to Tucson, barametric pressure decreases, altitude decreases, heat greatly increases. 20 miles from Tucson tire blows the tread – still holding pressure, went to tire guy, did pressure test – shot the gauge out of his hand (about 75 psi on both fron tires) any ideas on what happened – Tire guy said the only way to increase pressure was to physically aid air.