What is a tire gauge and how do you use it? for a car ?

What is the main use of a tire gauge?
How do you know if there is too much, or not enough air in the car’s tires?

A gauge for checking air pressure in tires is an instrument that requires so much air pressure to push out a slide that has the pressure marked on it. There are also gauges that have dials on them or some that just click off while you are putting air in the tire at the number of punds you have set it for. All of them let you know how much air in pounds per square inch you have in the tire. How much air do you put in the tire? The recommended air pressure for the tire is usually marked on the sidewall of the tire. You often loose gas milage if the proper tire pressure isn’t kept in the tires. Low tire pressure can also make the automobile unstable and hard to handle. How do you use it. Locate the valve stem sticking out of tire rim. They often have a cap on them to keep the dirt out. Unscrew the cap and you will see a round hole with a little plunger in the center. Take the tire air pressure gauge and stick it over the top of the valve stem in a straight manner so air isn’t escaping. When you get a good connection with no air escaping from the connection between the valve stem and the tire gauge, you can then remove the tire air pressure gauge and read it. Most of them will hold the reading you got till you reset them.

Accutire MS 5510B Racing Tire Pressure Gauge

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 Accutire MS 5510B Features

  • The most Accurate Racing Tire Pressure Gauge available
  • Reads tire pressures from 0-60 PSI (in 0.1 lb units)
  • The quick disconnect insures a positive attachment
  • Easy to read blue back-lit display
  • Bleed valve to drop tire pressure to desired pressure

Accutire MS 5510B Description

MS5510B is the ultimate Racing Tire Pressure Gauge for the performance enthusiast. If you like to have the best tool available, this is the gauge for you. The MS 5510B is the most accurate tire gauge available. It reads tire pressure from 0-60 PSI (in 0.1 lb units), with a large, back-lit LCD screen to make it easy to read. The convenient bleed valve makes it easy to drop the pressure if you overinflate. If you have a motorcycle, an off-road vehicle, ATV or performance car, get the most out of your expensive tires with accurate, consistent inflation.

Accutire Racing Gauge for peak precision. SAVE BIG! How many pounds of pressure? Here is the most accurate Air Gauge around for any tire with low pressure performance. 0-60 PSI (in 0.1 lb units); Extra large, easy-to-see blue backlit LCD; Bleed valve for precise accuracy; Quick disconnect; Shockproof rubberized housing; Installed 3 standard LR44 alkaline cells (included); Screen: 1 1/2″, Tube: 12 1/2″, weighs 13 ozs.; Zipper storage pouch included; 5-year limited mfr. warranty. Act Now! Accutire Racing Tire Pressure Gauge.

MS 5510 B Product Manual

Accutire MS 5510B Reviews

This gauge works well and is easy to read. It seats well and does mostly what it should.
There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding from what I have read in other reviews. Let’s clear a few things up.
First of all, you do NOT have to wait ten seconds between readings. You DO have to hit the recall button on the bottom between readings.
Secondly, you DO NOT have to send the unit back to replace the batteries. The instructions VERY clearly state the model number of user replaceable batteries (if you were to read the instructions).
The hose was flexible for me in 30 degree weather contrary to what I have read elsewhere. Maybe it gets stiff in really cold weather but then I use mine in the garage.

Very Nice Gauge

Buy Accutire MS-5510B